FEEL GOOD with Skiing

Are you going skiing this year & are you fit and ready for the slopes? 🎿   Several of my clients go skiing every year and I have designed specific tailor made “Ski Prep Training Programmes” , 4/8 week workout schedules which will cover all the muscles used in skiing. ⛷  Skiing is a full body workout that places heavy and at times unnatural […]

FEEL GOOD with your Menstrual Cycle

⚠️ WARNING – “ Taboo Topic!” ⚠️ But one I’ve wanted to post about for some time & after much research, so here goes…. “The Important Relationship between Exercise & your Menstrual Cycle”  Women have approximately 457 menstrual cycles in their lifetime! Although there are physiological changes that occur across the menstrual cycle, this does not mean that exercise should be […]

FEEL GOOD on your Journey

With social media being such an ingrained and influencing part of life, while we are all scrolling Instagram, we all notice the fitness gurus, bloggers & models ruling the platform with their perfect physiques, pert button bottoms and flat stomachs! I know what that idealism, dream and pressure feels like… yes, just to remind you […]

FEEL GOOD on National Fitness Day

Happy National Fitness Day! Physical inactivity has been listed as a leading cause of preventable diseases and conditions such as type-2 diabetes, some cancers and osteoporosis.  In the UK, we are facing a physical inactivity crisis, with evidence from ukactive showing that the average adult spends more time on the toilet every week than exercising and eight times longer […]

FEEL GOOD through the Menopause

From talking to my friends & clients I know the menopause can bring numerous side effects that range from irritating to life disrupting, including mood swings, hot flushes, insomnia, night sweats, depression & fatigue. But one of the most frustrating is the seemingly inevitable “weight gain”, especially in the belly area, named the “menopot.” Unfortunately this new […]

FEEL GOOD with Exercise

ATTENTION!! Do you want a miracle CURE, which is FREE, had an immediate effect & you can start now??!!  ↪️It is EXERCISE!  Did you know that Exercise can reduce the risk of developing several major diseases by up to 50% & lower your risk of early death by up to 30%.   It is medically proven that people […]

FEEL GOOD Mentally

What’s a perfect photo?   Scroll through my Instagram @feelgoodwithlavina and you’ll see how I used to just post natural non-professional pics of me on my fitness journey. I did get a photo shoot done to just mark where I’d got to at a specific point in time – note again, this was not a hardcore transformation pic […]

FEEL GOOD with Walking

In London its often cold outside but that’s no excuse to stay indoors! My friends know how much I love walking and I tell my clients it’s my free prescription for them in addition to our PT sessions!   Recent studies have uncovered so many health benefits of going for a winter walk:   Boosts your brain – the fitter the legs, […]

FEEL GOOD with your WHY

Some Soul Searching required! “WHAT IS YOUR WHY?” Why do you want to get healthy? Why are you trying to lose weight? Why did you start this journey? Why do you want to become a better version of yourself? When it comes to exercise, what is your why?  I periodically ask myself this question, as it has changed over time. I […]

FEEL GOOD with Strength Training

I want to re-highlight the benefits of STRENGTH TRAINING especially for women. Yes, please hit the Physical Activity guidelines of 150 mins moderate / or 75 mins vigorous aerobic activity (cardio) a week. But in addition Strength Train on >2 days a week to maintain and strengthen muscles bones & joints, burn fat & build lean muscle, as […]