I am so blessed to have been able to work with these amazing inspiring women.  I’m so proud of each one and their progress in the own personal wellness journey.   Their heartfelt feedback makes my work so fulfilling and rewarding.  Each one has enriched my journey and makes me want to work with as many women as I can.  It makes me love what I do even more and I’m extremely lucky to be able to fulfil my purpose from my passion.  Thank you all for sharing your special journeys and for making ME feel good! 

Love Lavina x 

What my Clients Say

Himanshi Manek, age 47 

I want to start with a note to say a sincere ‘Thank you ‘for everything Lavina has done for me whilst training me over the last few months.  Looking back to April, just thinking about my health, the way I felt each time I saw my reflection in the mirror, scared me. I felt that I was hitting a very low point in my life. 

Then I met Lavina. Just meeting with her made me feel positive and for the very first time, in a very long time, I felt that I could maybe turn my health and life around. 

I started training with Lavina in her private gym in April and immediately things got better. I lost 6.5kgs weight in a month, my clothes started to fit better and I felt healthier.  

The level of knowledge she brings is exceptional. Her ability to explain every movement, to achieve the perfect form, means that I achieve optimum results every time. After each session, I always leave feeling exhilarated. 

Lavina tailors each session to meet my weight loss target. She puts in a lot of time and thought into designing each session, which are full of variety and most importantly a lot of FUN.  

Lavina goes beyond just Personal Training. She gives me excellent nutrition advice thus helping me take the steps to build healthy habits for the long term. She also keeps track of my nutrition through her ‘Feel Good’ App, whilst teaching me the ‘art’ of portion control and calorie management, which is useful in everyday situations. 

I needed a Personal Trainer to guide me along the path to achieving a healthier and stronger body. It seemed like an impossible task until I met Lavina. She understood ME. 

So far, I have lost nearly 15kgs in 6 months. I continue to train with Lavina and I look forward achieving my fitness goals and changing my life. I couldn’t ask for a better person to guide me through this journey

Heeral Shah, Age 41, mum of 2 

As I neared my 40th birthday it dawned on me that although I looked “slim” I was so unfit. 

Working full time in the city and long hours spent at a desk, gave me a bad back and so although losing some weight or toning up would be great, actually what I really wanted to achieve was to build strength up in my upper and lower back so I no longer had this dull backache which haunted me all the time. 

I had seen Lavina’s posts on Instagram and finally plucked up the courage to message her. I had never really done any exercise and was quite lazy so it was very daunting. Gym memberships had come and gone and were a nice to have, as an excuse to see some friends at the gym and have a coffee with but nothing more serious than that! 

When I turned up at Lavina’s house, I had to be brutally honest. I didn’t know what a plank was, I had never sat on an air bike and hated the sight of that rope thing(!). I had little self motivation so really needed Lavina to be strict with me. I felt comfortable in her gym in the basement, where no one else would see me or judge me (if I turned up in gym gear, hair scraped back and with no makeup on – which was my usual state!) 

And so it began. A journey of transformation from the way I thought about food, to my sleep, to my loathing of exercise. 

My twice a week sessions are the only 2 hours in the week where I am not thinking of the next email, client meeting, children’s activities, Ocado shop! 

As well as becoming stronger my sessions keep me sane. It’s two hours a week which I dedicate to myself to – “self-care”. Being a mum to 2 under 10 years old, working full time in the Wharf and a busy social life, these two hours allow me to focus on myself and my mental well being as well. 

I am so addicted to my PT sessions with Lavina that I’ve had FaceTime sessions from holiday abroad and when I’ve also been away for work/business. Thanks to Lavina I’ve learnt so much about myself over the last 18 months, I am definitely more comfortable in my own skin! I definitely Feel Good With Lavina!!! 

Vanessa, age 39, mum of 4 

Lavina is an amazing trainer. She is kind and empathetic whilst also pushing my physical limits. Her constant encouragement during sessions helped me to push through and achieve more than I would in a regular work out. Always professional where it counts, putting hours into planning individual sessions and using her expert knowledge to help me achieve my goals, but flexible and friendly when that’s what was needed. I could not recommend her more highly! Xx

Nisha Parmar, Age 39, Mum of 2 

Lavina has made me feel so strong and confident. In just the first 4 weeks, I was wearing dresses I thought I would never wear again and in 8 weeks the before and after photos really surprised me. Lavina has worked her magic in just 8 weeks! I’ve never been to the gym or done any type of real exercise. In the comfort of her private home gym I felt so relaxed without the fear of anyone watching me.

After having two children, I was struggling with the usual areas and especially the mummy tummy! The areas I wanted to target now look amazing and I feel healthier. With two boys they are constantly running around, I wanted to keep up with them! I have more energy and feel lighter.

In 9 months of seeing Lavina, I felt in the best shape since having children. My mindset was reprogrammed to be healthier, I felt happier and oozed confidence to wear anything! Every week I put on my jeans and I felt more confident and actually looked at myself in the mirror at all the hard work and resistance to sugar/alcohol working. I finally liked the reflection and didn’t look at myself in disgust and sadness. At a family holiday I had the confidence to wear a swimming costume all weekend and didn’t hide under a sarong. Thanks to Lavina for making me feel body happy again.

I had to take a 2 month break due to personal circumstances and not being able to commit to the sessions. In just one month I felt my body springing back into old habits. I was even slouching and hiding in baggy clothes because I felt sluggish. I only put on a few pounds but I lost my tone. However the most powerful thing was my mindset – it was not in tune with Lavina. I felt I could cheat, eating rubbish, drinking wine due to stress and not feeling good. It’s comfort eating. Once you go down this unhealthy route it’s hard to stop.

I’m so happy I’ve returned to Lavina. I need that motivation and supervision to stick to a regime. She is capable of re-setting my mindset. It’s all about feeling good in your mind. The looking good outside comes as a result.

Vanissa Tailor, age 31

Signing up to weekly sessions with Lavina has literally been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I admire her sheer passion and love for fitness and wellbeing, feel good energy and attention to detail and effort. Hands down, she is the best Personal Trainer I have ever been too. I don’t even know where to start with how amazing she is and how much she has helped me with my fitness journey and more. As a result of attending sessions with Lavina’s, I have learnt the correct ways to carry out each set so I can gain maximum benefit from each work out, I have improved my flexibility and core strength and learnt so much about nutrition. Lavina has also introduced me to a variety of exercises, and this includes yoga which I absolutely love. I never used to like exercising before, but she has really changed my attitude and I feel more positive towards fitness and wellbeing. She also taught me ways I can incorporate exercises at work and home! I’m literally losing calories without even thinking about it or trying and for that I am forever grateful.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Lavina for everything, I love my weekly dose of feel good energy! Love you lots Vx 

Jayshree Sanghrajka, age 40, mum of 2

I started training with Lavina in Sept 2018 not to lose weight, but in order to improve my fitness. I am not overweight so some people could say why bother getting a PT?? I had a plan to get Fit for Forty, and that really meant increasing my fitness, eating more healthily and having good mental wellbeing. After having 2 kids I hadn’t really dedicated anytime to fitness so I asked Lavina to help me. Lavina is really thorough in her planning for each session and also provides nutritional advise to ensure you are eating the right foods whilst training. She carefully considers your goals and puts together a plan to help you achieve them. I first thought this would be like bootcamp, with lots of shouting and pressure. But Lavina’s sessions are different. They are hard work but always with an element of fun which keeps me motivated. I never imagined I would be able to do push ups and I’m so happy I can now do 3 sets of 10. I’ve noticed a massive difference in my strength and change in body shape and I feel amazing!  She even adapted my plan to accommodate training and help me prepare for my first half marathon.

I have recently been using her FEEL GOOD APP where she has set me a weekly schedule for me to do in addition to my PT – covering my cardio targets, additional personalised training workouts, and specific stretch sessions. Not only have I now got the confidence to use the gym on my own (safely & correctly as her exercises all have videos and instructions) but I am no longer wasting money on gym membership which I have done for years! I am accountable to her as she can see what workouts I’ve done and give me a progressive tailor made plan that is specific to my goals & body.

What I love about Lavina is that she even motivates you throughout the week with recipes, fitness challenges and has created a fitness community with her clients! I can’t recommend Lavina enough, she has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my wellbeing and is helping me achieve my Fit for Forty goal. Thank you Lavina!

Tanuja Karia age 53

I was recommended to Lavina by a work colleague who said she was simply brilliant. I wanted to loose some weight for a cousin’s wedding so I decided to give it a go. I met Lavina for an initial consultation in Dec 2018, she went through my diet and the conclusion was I ate too much carbs and fried food. My breakfast consisted of left over curry and Indian savoury fried snacks. She advised me to add protein to each meal, cut out fried food, add nutritious snacks etc. I was so inspired by her, I followed her recommendations and lost 1kg just by eating healthily. Then in January I started the PT sessions with her and lost more weight and inches off my body. I have never been able to loose this much weight before. I am extremely grateful to Lavina for inspiring me to be healthy, fit & lighter! She makes the PT sessions fun, she is very supportive, and I really like her warm and friendly personality

Deeba Murad, age 41, mum of 2

I have tried many trainers and I can honestly say that Lavina is the best! I’ve been squatting for years but Lavina’s super focus and attention has helped me improve my technique hugely. Lavina has been the best trainer I have had at educating me on the correct technique, it’s not about rushing through the exercises and getting 20 reps in, but actually listening to the mind body connection, feeling the burn, improving flexibility and not forgetting heart health.
I love to chat, but she always makes sure that I get a good workout in! She has a holistic approach and has helped me become aware of my own particular strengths and weaknesses and how to correct them. My flexibility has improved and she has helped me to develop a positive and practical approach to fitness and food,

I feel more empowered to exercise on my own as a result, but I like training with Lavina because she will always push me more than I would ever push myself. This is not just a job for Lavina, but a sincere passion where she always goes the extra mile with her focus and energy in helping to get results. Her approach while always challenging is long term and sustainable and I always leave feeling inspired and positive & I definitely leave “feeling good!”…I only wish I could train with her everyday!

Smruti Lakhani, mum of 2

Training with Lavina is something I actually look forward to each week!  After having several PT trainers, Lavina is the only one that has taken interest in my foot injuries and has tailored my sessions around them. This was so important to me. She has also educated herself on women’s health issues such as menopause. She has taught me the importance of strength training, staying active and eating healthily. We regularly swap healthy recipes ! I have lost inches from all over my body and I have received many compliments.  Lavina makes each session  enjoyable yet so effective. She is full of positive energy and has become a dear friend , mentor and lifestyle coach.

Alpa Dodhia, age 51

“Easy to get fit with Lavina”
Lavina has put me back on track with some great training sessions and nutritional advice. She has made me feel so confident with the exercises – I actually look forward to seeing her every week!

I have taken Pilates classes for some years but Lavina has shown me how to engage my core properly to gain the maximum benefit from the different moves. Something I never got taught in the group classes.

As soon as I told Lavina about my pre-menopause she immediately researching all the different ways in which exercise could help with the symptoms. Her support to me during this has been overwhelming. She has put together a plan to include strength training as the focus and a progressive overload program.

She also encouraged me to change my nutrition with the help of an app. In short she has transformed the way I feel and made me stronger both physically and mentally.

Give it a go!

Gulnaz Qayyum, age 46, mum of 2

Selecting the correct personal trainer was a challenging task for me as I had read lots of testimonial’s for different trainers but was still quite unsure as to whether they could fit into what I was looking for. I wanted a trainer that could understand my lifestyle and understand what I wanted to achieve.
After several recommendations from different friends I decided to train with Lavina and haven’t looked back since.
She has tried to change some ingrained habits and preconceptions to achieve the results that I am looking for.
I really appreciate how Lavina listened to what I wanted to achieve and designed a varied and challenging workout regime for me to follow over the course of ten personal training sessions with an exercise routine planned for each one.
Working with Lavina has helped me focus on my goals and she makes every session challenging, varied and interesting.
She works me hard and it would have been easy to give in but her motivation and enthusiasm is a real driving force.

Lavina has played a pivotal role in encouraging me to stay motivated, to follow the nutritional advice given and to enable me to achieve my personal results.
My fitness has increased noticeably over the sessions and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more sit ups / core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. My programme was devised to allow me to progress to more and more developed exercises and I am amazed now at what I can lift, push or press
When I have not been able to manage something, Lavina would provide a variation to that exercise that allowed me to build up to the full exercise as she wanted to ensure I avoided injury.
More importantly she ensures that my technique is always correct to also avoid injury. She has helped me understand the importance of correct form – once you’ve got this right, it stays with you.

And yes, I did see results, and so did my friends – within 4 weeks I had visibly lost weight, gained some definition, was drinking more water and was eating more healthily as I was logging what I was eating.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Lavina as a personal trainer, without reservation.

Sayra Tulsiani age 36, mum of 2

Since I started training with Lavina I have started to feel more energy, and have become stronger and more fit.  Lavina has taken the time to perfect my technique which I feel has made the biggest impact in seeing positive results from my workouts.  She has also taken the time to create a very detailed plan specific to my goals. She takes note of my weekly progress ensuring I improve  each week by increasing my weight and resistance.  This kind of attention to detail ensures I increase my fitness levels. I love having my own private gym and she always makes the sessions fun. It’s a great start to my day!

Sairha Nurmohamed age 40, working mum of 2

I’ve had a countless number of personal trainers, but I can honestly say that Lavina is far the best. I originally signed up on a short term basis with a goal to lose weight & tone up for a girls trip to Miami, the results I saw in just 4 weeks were phenomenal ! My body was leaner, more shapely and my fitness levels were up massively. I cringed when Lavina first took photo’s prior to starting my training programme, but I’m so glad she did because it was so amazing to see the physical difference in the photos after just 4 weeks! Goes without saying that I immediately signed up for more sessions and now 12 months on I have no regrets !
Lavina has not only improved my fitness and stamina, she has worked hard in correcting my bad posture habits preventing me having any more injuries, every session we focus on correct form so that I am getting the most from each movement and every exercise. Each session is pre planned and organised and I’m always taken out of my comfort zone, when I leave the gym I have a sense of achievement. Lavina always motivates me to go that extra mile and positively encourages me even if I can’t quite manage it.
I honestly feel that since I’ve been training with Lavina I have been re-educated in fitness and food. I can now maintain a healthy lifestyle without being on an crazy fad diet.
Lavina’s dedication and passion to her work is so inspirational, she always goes over and beyond what’s expected of her as a PT inside and outside of sessions. Her work has had a positive effect on my life and I believe she is truly deserving of the recent award she has been nominated for as an inspiration to Health & Fitness.

Kalpana Magecha, age 60, Pharmacist

Up till 2 years I was a fairly active 58 year old, doing regular spinning, yoga and body pump classes. Then I lost my way with increased family commitments. My daughter saw my frustration and suggested Lavina who was a young girl personal training from home.

Lavina just blew me over after my first meeting. I felt not only her energy and inspiration and enthusiasm but her warmth and her non discriminatory non judgemental attitude. I was older than most of her clients but she did not write me off!

I went to her with my issues with shoulders and right arm pain and a year later I have become stronger, leaner and more sculpted …..but most importantly with NO PAIN!!!!

Lavina works with your ability and makes you stronger, avoiding any future injuries.

Her personally designed workout plans each week are not only exciting but progressive without noticing it. She uses fun methods of training which are low impact to my joints & suitable to my age group, like using rebounder trampoline, TRX, resistance bands, as well as lots of varied equipment. Lavina promotes the health benefits of strength training for women of all ages, starting with just body weight & is very careful with appropriate progressive use of free weights (with correct form) to help me maintain bone density & importantly build muscle mass.

She never looks down on you if you’re having a low day but finds another workout that helps you with these lows. She brings in key principles from Yoga, Pilates (in her beautiful relaxation studio) & the importance of stretch and correct breathing techniques to all her workouts.

Her workouts have helped me with my golf swing, increased my stamina & I’ve seen a noticeable improvement with my golf since we have been training.

She has added much value to my healthy eating lifestyle and her Feel Good Team all share amazing healthy foods & recipes. She has created a wonderful friendship between all her clients where we all encourage each other and applaud each other’s achievements.

I can write so much about this amazing tutor, Guru, friend, human being …..all of it summarises as somebody that just wants you to have a wonderful healthy life with quality.

She has certainly shown me how to achieve this and that age has no limits to achieving this!

I want to shout out to all my friends and ladies in my age group that are struggling with their health to get in touch with Lavina… it’s never too late!

Nishma Gohil, age 50, mum of 2

Lavina has changed my outlook on personal trainers. My previous experiences have not been good and hence I did not see the need for them. Since training with Lavina I have seen that a good pt can have such a big impact. Lavina has taken my medical issues and created a tailored programme which not only prevents aggravation of my condition but leaves me looking forward to our sessions.
My stamina is at its highest and I can do things I never thought I could. Lavina is such a great motivator too.

Devita Patel, age 48, Mum of 2

I had been working out for a while and needed motivation to push myself and improve my strength and that’s when I started training with Lavina.  She has always pushed me that little bit extra even when I think I haven’t got it in me! I have reached my goal of becoming stronger and as a bonus more positive! I have not once dreaded my training sessions with Lavina as she makes them creative and challenging!

Ekta Mehta, age 39, mum of 2

Lavina, my dear friend you have been an inspiration with your passion for excercise and healthy eating.

Like many I started going to the gym years ago in the hope to transform my body loose weight the usual racket. Little did I know it would just become more than that!! After going on holiday with Lavina and her family I was able to see the healthy habits that were just a way of life for Lavina and her family. The energy the family had as a whole to enjoy each day actively and create memories was yet again so inspiring. From then on excercise and fuelling myself and my family become more of a priority. Lavina has left a profounding change in myself which I can now pass onto my loved ones…..

Trishla Shah, age 39, Mum of 2

I have had the pleasure in knowing Lavina for a number of years but have only started training with her a few months ago.

From the initial consultation about my goals and aspirations for my personal health and fitness she was on board and thoroughly understood what I wanted to achieve.

The sessions to date have been tailored to my personal needs and what Lavina thinks will benefit me on my fitness journey.

I have encountered setbacks due to ill health and then invasive surgery has forced me to take some time out, however I am now on the other side and looking forward to resuming my training sessions with Lavina.

Throughout the last few months I can truly say she has been magnificent not only with her knowledge but the time she takes in getting to know my needs and what works! Completely different to any other PT I have trained with. The changes to the way I breathe and hold myself, even my husband has noticed! She also introduced me to great new food ideas and keeps on checking in on how my nutrition is.

I am privileged to not only have her as a friend but now as one of the most awesome PT’s I have come across.

I can hand on heart say training with Lavina is fantastic and I look forward to our sessions every week.

Other Journeys

Anonymous, age 64

I’ve got “Lavina” in my head! She’s in my head: at the gym – correcting my form; at work – correcting my posture and when I’m out – telling me to enjoy myself but be sensible! I love our sessions and the results I’m getting! She’s addictive!

Anonymous, age 46, mum of 3

I’ve had several Trainers before but it’s so nice to have a female trainer that understands women and their bodies. I feel so much more comfortable with Lavina and she has a warm friendly manner that puts me at ease. It’s great to know I’m in safe hands as she is so hot on form and technique. She builds rapport and bonds with her clients but remains professional at all times and makes sure I work hard in every session!!

Anonymous, age 69

I love being part of Lavina’s Feel Good Team of ladies. She has a lovely group of clients, of different ages that are all so inspiring. It’s a great support network and it’s nice to know that although everyone’s got their own individual goals, they are in a group to share ideas and motivate one another. I thoroughly enjoyed her last client get together where we all brought a healthy dish and exchanged recipes. It was lovely to meet everyone face to face & I made some wonderful new friends.

Anonymous, age 41, mum of 1

I know it’s cliche but I honestly feel good! I feel good after each session. I feel good that I have 2 hours a week to myself, to just focus on me. I feel good that I’m in a better place both mentally and physically. And I feel so good -thanks to Lavina.

Anonymous, age 58

I was recommended to Lavina by a friend and it’s the best decision I made last year. Not only has my weight and health improved considerably but so has my husband’s! We are both benefiting from her goal setting and have supported each other with increased activity and healthier eating in our home. He is also now motivated to work out and improve his lifestyle. Lavina’s sessions are the best investment I’ve made for me and my family!

Anonymous, age 37

One of the biggest selling points of training with Lavina is that she has a private gym. I was a member of a very social local gym and spent most of my time having coffees with friends rather than working out! I love the fact that I have the privacy & no one watching me, I’m not conscious of myself and I get into the zone with Lavina’s fab structured workouts. She has helped me transform my body through weight training which I never did before & I also have the confidence going into the gym on my own using her Feel Good app – she gives me personalised training plans to perfectly complement what we are doing in our sessions.

Anonymous, age 44, mum of 2

I have trained with Lavina for nearly 2 years and we have hit so many of my short and medium term goals. We are still working towards my long term goal but she has kept me on track and knowing that I’m accountable to her has kept me on track! She wants me to adopt sustainable, long term lifestyle changes. She has become a friend, trainer, mentor and lifestyle coach. I’m getting great results but I’m actually enjoying the process and feeling so much better about myself – both mentally & physically.

Anonymous, age 32, mum of 2

Before I trained with Lavina I was lost in the gym. I found it daunting and boring! I was a typical female class & cardio machine junkie and just wasn’t getting results. From the start, Lavina explained the benefits of strength training to me, & how following the right plan really transformed her body as well as making her strong and empowered. But more important to her are highlighting the health benefits of exercise and she’s so right! Invest in yourself & invest in your health. (A PT session is the same price or cheaper than going to the hairdresser but which has more benefits?!)

Anonymous, age 47

I decided not to tell anyone this time I try to lose weight. I’ve tried so many times before and I’m doing this for me, not anyone else! I’ve had a few PTs in the past but Lavina is different. So structured, professional and so particular on technique & form. She actually plans each session – personalised for me, reviews my progress and makes them challenging but fun! All in her private gym, with no onlookers so I can just focus on me!

Anonymous, age 40

I love using Lavina’s FEEL GOOD APP when I’m travelling with work or too busy to see her with family or work commitments. It keeps me on track and she gives me tailor made plans as she knows me and my body so well. Its so easy to use and has videos of all the exercises. It also makes me accountable as I know she will see which workouts I’ve done & we have a regular check in process. I have also done Facetime sessions with her when I’m abroad or unable to logistically get to her gym which are so much fun and fit my lifestyle!

Anonymous, age 51, mum of 2

Back into my old jeans!
After just a few months of training with Lavina I am able to do the top button up on my old jeans! What a relief! Great to be comfortable again!! Lavina has a lovely warm personality that will make you feel confident during the training.

Anonymous, aged 51, mum of 2

Down a dress size!!!!
After only 4 months with Lavina I was down one dress size!! Love the feeling of being fitter and healthier! Highly recommend the sessions with Lavina – she is very encouraging and will motivate you to do better.

Anonymous, age 42, Mum of 2

I love my sessions with Lavina. She makes me feel so good after my hour with her, bringing variation to my workouts. I hadn’t properly exercised for so long before I came to Lavina and was nervous to start but she put me at ease straight away and helped me feel more confident with what I can achieve. Thank you so much xx

Anonymous, mum of 2

I don’t think I’ve ever told you but I was so nervous about contacting you initially especially in a world where how we look and what we do is scrutinised all the time. I’ve had it all, from adult women bullies (yes!) to dramas with the in-laws. But I have to say, the transformation of my mental well-being since training with you has been phenomenal.

I’ve got to this happy place where stuff just doesn’t bother me anymore. Or actually I just couldn’t care less what people think. I’ve cut out negative people and ignore negativity. I’m so glad I’ve done this now, as it’s allowed me to also be a much better mother to my young kids. And I can teach them the same… that if someone is mean to you it’s more a reflection on them than you.
I can really feel the feel good endorphins in my body now and realise the lack of them actual made me feel so low. Exercise has also really helped me with my PMT which previously was very hard to manage and I had terrible mood swings. My husband has really noticed the improvement!!
So from the bottom of my heart the hugest thank you ever and I really mean that xx

Anonymous, age 47, mum  

I began to train with Lavina nearly a year ago. At first it was to get a boost to my training regime as I was feeling unmotivated and sluggish. I had also begun to notice changes in my body linked to early menopausal signs which were effecting my mood and my body. As a mental health nurse I am a big believer in the link between mental and physical wellbeing. Lavina is an amazing advocate for wellbeing and feeling good inside and out. She had helped me to understand how to get the best from my body and is super supportive, patient and driven. Her attention to technique has truly changed how I feel about free weights. I have noticed so many positives, feeling mentally more focused, physically strong, my posture has noticeably improved and I have so much more flexibility in my shoulders. Training with Lavina is my gift to myself. Thanks for everything. Xx

Anonymous, age 58, mum of 2 

I started going to Lavina for personal training sessions a few months ago.  I decided to do so as my body wasn’t bouncing back from injuries and strains now in my late fifties .  When I started with Lavina I was a bit hesitant and ( lazy) to push my body as I’d had a shoulder strain from a year before and my right knee was very painful too.  She eased me into suitable exercises and encouraged me to push only what I could manage and enjoy it too.  As the weeks went I became more motivated and feel the main reason is that Lavina listens to your needs.  She is so inspiring and her beautiful personality makes the sessions so enjoyable.

Anonymous, age 41, Mum of 2

I am currently the healthiest I have been since I had my kids 14 years ago. Lavina has helped changed my mindset, by inspiring me to eat healthy and by making my body overcome it’s limitations. She has consistently reminded through my journey that results happen overtime and the key is to stay consistent and be patient. Being healthy and fit is not temporary but it is a lifestyle change. And this has been the motto that I have taken on in my journey.

Fitness for me has been about getting my body stronger so I can cope with the challenges ageing might bring with it. For example, when I started working with Lavina I could not even lift the weight of my arm up in the air for more than 10 times. I am now able to lift up to 8kg of weights. She has worked with my body’s limitations, carefully planning each session and I can proudly say I am a lot stronger than I was a year back. Added bonus I have also lost 10kgs and I still enjoy all my food, by eating sensibly.

If anyone ticks the boxes to achieve accolades in inspiring health and fitness it is Lavina.