Invest in your health

Its better and cheaper to be pro-active with your health than reactively having to deal with the cost of illnesses or diseases caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.  

1-1 Personal Training Sessions in my Private Gym

I offer Women 1-1 PT Sessions at my Private Gym in my house in Bushey, NW London which has a fully kitted gym, functional & circuits area, cardio equipment, large garden for outdoor training & a purpose built holistic relaxation studio.   

It’s a unique private space JUST FOR YOU, with no onlookers, no other PTs or Clients & no one judging you.  You can come without makeup, dress as you please & use this as your own space for the hour. 

With the added benefit of NO GYM Membership Fees!

My goal is for my women to lift weights safely & with perfect form, and make progress by burning fat & building muscle. 

I want my clients to be challenged and pushed effectively whilst having FUN! 

I can provide a more holistic approach to training incorporating stretch, yoga and pilates principles.

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Personalised ONLINE Training Programs on the FEEL GOOD APP

Why Join the FEEL GOOD Online Training Program? 

Join the Feel Good Online Team for the most flexible, cost-effective way to reach your fitness goals. I’ll provide you with personalised workouts tailored to your specific goals, a weekly schedule, nutrition guidance, progress tracking, exercise form checks, ongoing support and accountability to take your fitness to the next level.


*Full private use of the new FEEL GOOD APP to:

Why Train With Me?

1-1 Wellness Coaching Consultations

I offer 90 mins face to face/telephone/facetime/skype consultations where we discuss and analyse your medical history, exercise history, current nutrition, lifestyle, fitness goals & motivators. I will give you exercise, nutrition and lifestyle tips & improvements that you can implement to help you on your journey to reaching your goals. This process can be a life changer – just opening up & confidentially discussing where you feel you are with me. We cover successful methods to enhance your lifestyle including managing stress, mindfulness, energy levels, sleep, hydration, and many more important wellness fundamentals.

1-1 Facetime/Skype Personal Training Sessions

Facetime sessions are useful at any point in your fitness journey. They can be great at the start (if you’re new to exercise) or even during your journey to go through exercises’ form & technique to ensure you’re doing them correctly. They are virtual 1-1 PT sessions & can give you that extra push, challenge or motivation. Some clients have also used this option when travelling abroad for work or with their families to ensure they stay consistent with their training and not lose out on their gains.

Why having a 1-1 PT is one of the best investments you’ll ever make for your health & wellbeing:


Having a PT by your side gives you motivation, energy & encouragement.


It’s a lot harder to skip a workout when you know your PT is waiting for you! A good PT will regularly track your progress -in terms of goals, physical measurements & health indicators.


A PT will ensure correct technique, form & posture to minimise the risk of injury and maximise your results.


They will give you a structured & progressive training routine that fits your goals & unique lifestyle.


The gym can be intimidating, working with a PT gives you confidence on how to perform exercises, use equipment correctly and the confidence to even train alone.

Goal Setting

A PT will help you set realistic, SMART & achievable goals.


Your PT should choose the right exercises for your specific goals & make sure you are doing the exercises correctly to reduce the chance of injury.


A good PT will challenge you & push you to do more than you would alone!


Look at your PTs track record with clients & make sure its “personal” training – tailor made to clients’ needs.

Mental Health

An experienced PT will also become your lifestyle & wellbeing coach. Exercise will not only help your physical health but also your mental health with the release of Feel Good endorphins