Lavina Mehta MBE

TV & Radio’s Award Winning
Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach
“Inspiration in Health & Fitness 2020”

FEEL GOOD with Skiing

Are you going skiing this year & are you fit and ready for the slopes? 🎿  

Several of my clients go skiing every year and I have designed specific tailor made “Ski Prep Training Programmes , 4/8 week workout schedules which will cover all the muscles used in skiing. ⛷ 

Skiing is a full body workout that places heavy and at times unnatural and unfamiliar demands on your legs, hips, glutes and core. 

There is always an element of risk to skiing and snowboarding, but one of the best precautions your can take to reduce your chances of injuries is to train your body well in advance.  

The programme includes specific prep exercises to improve performance and reduce chances of injuries and falls to prepare for upcoming ski trips. 

The programme helps boost and improve overall fitness, posture, balance and technique.🏋🏽‍♀️ 

For example it would focus on: 

  • Quads – to hold you ski position and protect knees  
  • Hamstrings & Glutes – to hold body in flexed position when going downhill  
  • Calves (soleus) – to change direction/steer & help you stay upright to help prevent those tumbles  
  • Core & Back – to hold body in bent over position. It’s so important to have a strong core to provide stability, force and be more agile.  
  • Inner & Outer Thighs – to keep skis together & steer  
  • Biceps & Triceps – to push off and stabilise the shoulders  

Getting your body prepared by maintaining fitness, building muscle strength and being in a good physical condition, will not only help you ski better, but it will also make the whole experience more enjoyable. 🙏 

I get quite excited to roll out these tailor made ski prep plans for my clients so they are strong, prepared & feel good on the slopes every season.