Lavina Mehta MBE

TV & Radio’s Award Winning
Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach
MBE for Services in Health & Fitness

FEEL GOOD with your WHY

Some Soul Searching required! 
Why do you want to get healthy? 
Why are you trying to lose weight? 
Why did you start this journey? 
Why do you want to become a better version of yourself? 
When it comes to exercise, what is your why? 

I periodically ask myself this question, as it has changed over time. I have many reasons why I choose to put health first. I workout because I actually LOVE it & enjoy it! I love being strong and I like to see how far I can push myself so I set personal goals. I exercise to stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally. When I train it gives me my “ME” time to refuel, refocus and clear my mind. It actually makes me FEEL GOOD and then I am in a better mood & energised for my 4 boys! 💞 

As Summer is approaching, set and review your goals. Many set those initial goals, stick to their diet and training for a few weeks but then quit. 

I want you all to think about “your why.” Go deep….once you have found your why then the who, what, when, where and how become so much easier to figure out. There’s no right or wrong, just an invitation to reflect on your why. 

It may be to be able to run around with your kids? It may be to shed the weight post birth? It may be to look good and feel good? It may be to help with the symptoms of the menopause? It may be to help prevent diabetes or osteoporosis which may be in your family? It may be something very personal. 

Once you have it, write it out! Post it somewhere you see everyday for your reminder! That way when times get tough, you will remember WHY you started & WHY you shouldn’t quit.  

When the Why is clear, the how is easy🙏 

I regularly ask this to my FEEL GOOD team of ladies, so I can help them crush their goals!💪