Lavina Mehta MBE

TV & Radio’s Award Winning
Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach
MBE for Services in Health & Fitness

FEEL GOOD with Lavina

I get asked all the time how I became a PT. I really believe in fate & destiny – this has been proven in so many aspects of my life & I’m so grateful for all the paths that I have been put on. 🙏 
After having my youngest son Sahil, I decided to resign from a job & career I absolutely loved. I had already gone part-time to bring up my sons Sai & Saj, which was very rare at the time especially in my demanding role as Project Manager for BP’s Trading Systems, which involved managing teams globally/offshore and a lot of travel. It was a tough decision but looking back, I was so fortunate that I didn’t have to work & had such quality years raising my boys. 
After several years doing Pilates post child birth, I rejoined the gym & attended the usual variety of classes on offer. I remember getting so any comments from school parents that “Lavina’s off to the gym again straight from drop off!” I soon hired a great PT who introduced me to the whole new world of Strength Training! I absolutely loved it and started from scratch!  
I decided just for my own knowledge to do a Level 2 Fitness Instructing home study course & I didn’t tell anyone apart from my immediate family. I never thought I’d enjoy studying again but it was a subject I found fascinating & I worked hard in the evenings so it didn’t affect my family commitments. Following this, I wanted to educate myself further so I undertook the Level 3 Personal Training course and by this point I knew this was my passion.  
My mum’s career as a Chef & Cookery Writer also started at a similar point in her life, so I felt thrilled I had also found my path in the wellness industry. As I had helped type & publish her last book “Feel Good with Food” during my pregnancy with Sahil, I had absorbed so much of her years of research into the science of food, anti-oxidants & superfoods. I was also her sous-chef at so many demonstrations, talks and classes she had during the launch of her book. As nutrition and exercise go hand in hand, I can use this experience to help my clients in their journeys. I feel so blessed that from my Passion, I have found my Purpose. 💞