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Lavina’s mission is to help all ages Feel Good physically, mentally and reduce risks of common chronic diseases through her concept of “Exercise Snacking” & free chair workouts.

Free workouts on Instagram & YouTube.

About Me

My Mission is to make people Feel Good physically, mentally & reduce risks of chronic illnesses through the power of exercise.  I have trained women 1-1, in Groups, in my virtual online Facebook Community & globally via my Online Training App. I am a Mum to 3 amazing boys plus a dog!

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I have a simple, ingenious concept of “Exercise Snacking” – treating your body and mind to short bites of exercise throughout the day. Lots are saved on my Instagram!

During COVID-19 lockdown I provided free twice-daily virtual workouts aimed at keeping people of all ages healthy, mentally positive from home.  My slogan is to “Exercise for Sanity not Vanity” and I have a Free Feel Good 21 Day Plan & Free Workouts on my Instagram & YouTube.

My free home chair workouts for Seniors, in English and Gujarati, which my 75-year-old mother in law joined in with, featured on national TV and radio and inspired thousands of elderly members of the community to get involved.  I continue these every Friday and are used by Care Homes (up to age 100), Schools, those less mobile, people Working from Home and anyone sitting too long!

I provide Online Training Programs & Group PT for women in my private gym.

I am a big advocate of the mental health benefits of exercise. I have also been on TV & Radio passionately promoting the health benefits of exercise to make people aware that exercise is medicine and can help reduce the risks of so many common diseases. I am a Diabetes UK & Alzheimer’s Society Ambassador & support many other charities like Alzheimer’s Society & Brain Tumour Research.

I have been working with businesses to promote Workplace Wellness & encouraged “Working Out from Home” during the pandemic.  I design tailored events and solutions for organisations to help employees ‘Feel Good at Work,’ both virtual and in-person.

I am available to book for an Event, as a Keynote Speaker, TV, Radio, written features, Workouts & Exercise Snacks, Podcasts & Tailor-made workshops.

I am a Patron of the Menopause Mandate & share my own perimenopause journey on social media to help normalise the conversation to stop women from suffering in silence.  Especially in South Asian communities – to break the taboos, raise awareness, change the narrative and help women feel empowered to find solutions, as well as educating the men around us.  I promote the power of exercise and lifestyle changes to help women embrace the menopause.

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Its better and cheaper to start your Feel Good Journey by Investing in Your Health. There are several options to choose from.


I am so blessed to have been able to work with these amazing inspiring women. I’m so proud of each one and their progress in the own personal wellness journey.


Health, Fitness & Wellness topics I like to write about to make you Feel Good.


I want to start with a note to say a sincere ‘Thank you ‘for everything Lavina has done for me whilst training me over the last few months. Looking back to April, just thinking about my health, the way I felt each time I saw my reflection in the mirror, scared me. I felt that I was hitting a very low point in my life.

Himanshi Manek

Working full time in the city and long hours spent at a desk, gave me a bad back and so although losing some weight or toning up would be great, actually what I really wanted to achieve was to build strength up in my upper and lower back so I no longer had this dull backache which haunted me all the time.

Heeral Shah

Lavina is an amazing trainer. She is kind and empathetic whilst also pushing my physical limits. Her constant encouragement during sessions helped me to push through and achieve more than I would in a regular work out. Always professional where it counts, putting hours into planning individual sessions and using her expert knowledge to help me achieve my goals, but flexible and friendly when that’s what was needed. I could not recommend her more highly! Xx


Lavina has made me feel so strong and confident. In just the first 4 weeks, I was wearing dresses I thought I would never wear again and in 8 weeks the before and after photos really surprised me. Lavina has worked her magic in just 8 weeks! I’ve never been to the gym or done any type of real exercise. In the comfort of her private home gym I felt so relaxed without the fear of anyone watching me.

Nisha Parmar

FEEL GOOD with Lavina

I get asked all the time how I became a PT. I really believe in fate & destiny – this has been proven in so many aspects of my life & I’m so grateful for all the paths that I have been put on. 🙏 After having my youngest son Sahil, I

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FEEL GOOD with Strength Training

I want to re-highlight the benefits of STRENGTH TRAINING especially for women. Yes, please hit the Physical Activity guidelines of 150 mins moderate / or 75 mins vigorous aerobic activity (cardio) a week. But in addition Strength Train on >2 days a week to maintain and strengthen muscles bones & joints, burn fat

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FEEL GOOD with your WHY

Some Soul Searching required! “WHAT IS YOUR WHY?” Why do you want to get healthy? Why are you trying to lose weight? Why did you start this journey? Why do you want to become a better version of yourself? When it comes to exercise, what is your why?  I periodically ask myself this question, as it

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FEEL GOOD with Walking

In London its often cold outside but that’s no excuse to stay indoors! My friends know how much I love walking and I tell my clients it’s my free prescription for them in addition to our PT sessions!   Recent studies have uncovered so many health benefits of going for a winter walk:   Boosts your brain

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FEEL GOOD Mentally

What’s a perfect photo?   Scroll through my Instagram @feelgoodwithlavina and you’ll see how I used to just post natural non-professional pics of me on my fitness journey. I did get a photo shoot done to just mark where I’d got to at a specific point in time – note again, this was

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FEEL GOOD with Exercise

ATTENTION!! Do you want a miracle CURE, which is FREE, had an immediate effect & you can start now??!!  ↪️It is EXERCISE!  Did you know that Exercise can reduce the risk of developing several major diseases by up to 50% & lower your risk of early death by up to 30%.   It

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